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Before Quitting Your Job and Becoming Entrepreneur, Consider the "Rule of Thumb" Criteria.

You got talent

Have you ever got this hit from your closest friends or families? Like you are talented in cooking or making good sales and they even fueled your desire to own a business? The inherent problem is that the talent to manage a business compared to your personal unique talent are two different factors. It is not intended to scare the potential entrepreneurs. The reality of business environment is harsh and tough. They have to accumulate the know-how skills by learning through a reputable seminars or learning from an experienced business mentor on how to manage the business affairs in prosperous ways.

Financial Problems

Never ever do business because of financial problems. Whether a problem involving credit debts, not enough money, default on bank loans, etc. The crucial basic is financial management. If you failed to manage a small salary then, how are you going to manage business financial in larger amount?

You want to be a millionaire

If you ask any millionaires, they will say that was not their ultimate goal. They simply love the freedom of making choices and doing things on their own terms. Focusing the "millionaire" status as the ultimate goal may cause you to lose focus on your core business and you will constantly change the nature of the business when the sales are slow or the profit is insignificant to your target.

You want to spend more time with your family

Quitting your job so that you can spend more time with family is a noble intention. However, in business reality, working time is not certain and you need to work overtime during the first three years of operation. If you only want to work for yourself for two or three hours a day only, then you better hold to your previous job instead.

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