Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I use the service / asking for work quotes?


You are required to  fill in the Consultation Form to use our freelance services. For further inquiries, please contact us at chatbox or fill in the details of the questions in our inquiry form at Contact Us. You can also refer to us via call / WhatsApp at +6017 - 564 8658 / +605-4527 571 or email at


Is there any guarantee for using MAAM Cart Centrum services?


MAAM Cart Centrum is a registered business under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (IP0407515-U) and a registered business in Wyoming USA (MAAM CART CENTRUM LLC, 2020-000930553). Your works and rights are guaranteed within our Terms & Conditions. We also assure you that our final work is original, of quality and is protected under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.


Can I get a full refund if I'm not satisfied with the quality of work?


You are entitled for a FULL REFUND if we have failed to meet your deadline and our work does not meet the scope of works as specified in your work's description. Complaints must be submitted within FOURTEEN (14) days after you have received our final work. If your complaint has merit, we will refund by using  cheque / Paypal / online banking.


How to make a payment?
We accept payment via Credit Card, Paypal (Payment request via email), Stripe, online banking and payment via counter / deposit machine to Maybank account: MAAM CART CENTRUM, NO. Account: 55815 4509 143. Payment using cheque must crossed under MAAM CART CENTRUM. For payment using a cheque, the service can only begin after the check deposit (50%) is cleared and the final work will be submitted once we received the remaining balance.

Can I see your freelancer and how to get in touch with the work given?


The services we offer are ONLINE BASIS ONLY. Any queries or discussions should be made through our official email at, Live Chat on our Website or call us at 605-4527 571 / 6017 - 564 8654


What is the output of the final work?

The final work is in softcopy. You will also be given two (2) sets of hardcopy (Not more than 2 sheets for A1 size and not exceeding 10 pages per set for A4 size) for FREE if you subscribe for over five (5) working hours with rate at RM90 per hour. If you need more sets, we'll send you an additional quote for your approval.


Is there any deposit for using the service?


Yes. You will need to pay 50% deposit of the total fee upon mutual agreement to use our service before we begin the work.


Can your freelancer come to the site?


No. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


What is the difference between Man-Hour and Fixed Price charge?

Man-Hour is an hourly rate of work (example RM85 per hour for 10 working hours) and is reserved for assignments not exceeding 14 days. The Man-Hour agreement between you and us is obtained before starting the work. Fixed Price is a bulk price for an assignment that extends beyond 14 days. The final price will be finalised upon mutual agreement between MAAM Cart Centrum and the customer.

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