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Program rakan strategik

Under this program, those who succeed in becoming affiliate agents will promote our service / product links (website development, graphic design, digital marketing and etc.) to the public and receive commission payments for each individual who subscribes to our services / products.
The commission rate will be explained in the Agent Promotion Kit. Application is FREE but LIMITED to ensure healthy competition between agents.

Please fill in all requested details. Those who are successfully selected will be given an Agent Promotion Kit and your bank details for affiliate commission payment purposes will be entered into our affiliate system.

We will email the results of your application within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt. The application is evaluated from the aspect of your experience description and how you want to promote our affiliate link.

This portal will be CLOSED when the maximum number of 30 agents is reached.

Full name


Phone number

City and State

Your experience in promoting and selling. Tell us also how do you going to promote our links.

Your details were sent successfully!

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