Terms and Conditions

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  1. MAAM Cart Centrum accepts payments via Credit Card, Paypal (Payment request sent via email), Stripe, online banking and payment via counter / deposit machine to Maybank account: MAAM CART CENTRUM, No. Account: 55815 4509 143 as well as a cheque payment under the name of MAAM CART CENTRUM. For payment using cheque, the service is only started once the deposit payment (50%) has been cleared and the final work will be submitted after we received the remaining balace.

  2. 50% deposit will be charged for each service. For the final payment, MAAM Cart Centrum will issue an invoice for the remaining 50% payment.

  3. All official feedback is via email and correspondence.

  4. If there is a request for major scale changes to the design / manuscript which extends beyond the brief requirement of the customer upon final delivery, MAAM Cart Centrum reserves the right to charge additional time / additional cost.

  5. All final designs / manuscripts products are in the form of softcopy that will be downloaded by the customer from the link that MAAM Cart Centrum will provide to the customer's email. If the customer needs a hardcopy document, we will send it for FREE for the first two (2) sets (Exclusive for subscribers starting at 5 working hours and at RM90 per hour for Man-hour or RM450 for Fixed Price). For the next set, we will send a price quotation for customer approval.

  6. MAAM Cart Centrum only runs freelance business via online. Any official discussion of the work in progress is by email or correspondence.

  7. Temporary receipts will be sent by email once the deposit payment has been received while the Official Receipt and letter will be sent by email once the final payment has been paid.

  8. The customer is responsible for providing a clear brief on the scope of work, completion period, sketches aspects and other helpful information for design / writing purposes. The brief will be sent to MAAM Cart Centrum via the Consultation Form. MAAM Cart Centrum will process and respond within 48 hours after receiving the complete brief.

  9. Design services for (Man-Hour) charge other than Graphic Design are from RM60-RM150 per hour while Graphic Design and Design services range from RM50-RM100 per hour. The hourly rate is set based on the project’s scope, the urgency of the project and the difficulty of the design / writing manuscript. The minimum working hours is one (1) hour and minimum design / writing period for finalization is two (2) days (Except for assignments that need to be completed in a short period of time). Maximum working hours are determined after mutual agreement between the customer and MAAM Cart Centrum. For Fixed price charges, the price will be negotiated with the customer until final agreement is reached.

  10. MAAM Cart Centrum does NOT provide Professional Endorsement services, operating as an Architect or Engineering Consulting Practice (ECP) or serves as a Submission Person to obtain plan approval under local authority. MAAM Cart Centrum is fully compliant pertaining to the Engineers Registration Act 1967, the Architects Act 1967, the Street, Drainage, & Building Act 1974, the Business Registration Act 1956 and the Uniform Building By-Law 1984. If there is a request from customer, MAAM Cart Centrum will refer the customer's request to a Registered Professional Engineer or a Registered Professional Architect. 

  11. MAAM Cart Centrum has the right to amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time and will notify the Customer. 

  12. Digital quotation (softcopy) will be emailed to the customer along with feedback on the customer brief.

  13. MAAM Cart Centrum offers MONEY BACK GUARANTEES if the work is proven to be in poor quality, beyond the date of final delivery and does not comply with customer's brief requirements. The dissatisfied customer may submit a complaint via the Contact Us form or email at contact@maamcartcentrum.soutions  and send it to us within FOURTEEN (14) days after receiving the final work. Complaints will be processed within Seven (7) days. If proven true and justified, we will refund by by using cheque or Paypal. MAAM Cart Centrum reserves the right to reject complaints made beyond the stated time frame and does not fall under section 13 of these terms and conditions. 

  14. Customer may request small changes in the final work within SEVEN (7) days from the date of the final work received.

  15. "A la Carte Services" is a special service for work that is not complex, short-term commitment and urgently needed within 48 Hours. For complex tasks that require more than 48 hours of commitment, customers will need to book a job by using Consultation Form. Payment of service deposit must be paid before we can proceed.





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