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- Menawarkan khidmat Private Short Courses untuk maksimum sepuluh (10) orang bagi dalam daerah Muallim serta Batang Padang Sahaja.


Python course
Tutor A : Introduction to Python Programming

Why should you learn programming? Writing programs (Or programming) is a rewarding and creative activity that helps you make a living by solving difficult data analysis problem or solving someone else problems. Introducing to you PYTHON, a widely used programming language. Created by Guido van Rossum. BOOK NOW



  1. Introduction - Do I need to learn programming?

  2. Variables and Expressions

  3. Conditional Code

  4. Functions

  5. Loop and Iteration

  6. Strings

  7. Files

  8. List

  9. Dictionaries

  10. Tuples

  11. Regular Expressions


Geotechnical course
Tutor B : Beginners to Geotechnical Engineering 


Geotechnical Engineering is a branch of Civil Engineering that deals with soil, rock, underground water, and their relation to the design, construction, and operation of engineering projects. BOOK NOW




  1. Soil Classification

  2. Subsurface Soil Exploration and Sampling

  3. Lateral Earth Pressure

  4. Soil Water Interaction

  5. Bearing Capacity


Tutor C : How to Set Up Your Own Business as Supplier and                Contractor for Government Contracts



Coming soon
Build your own website
Tutor D : Build Your Own Website

Contrary to popular common belief, the internet sales are continuing to explode and to provide more golden opportunities for entrepreneurs in Malaysia. You will be able to increase your size of audience by building your own professional websites. Learn the nuts and bolts with our Private Short Course materials. BOOK NOW





  1. Introduction to Domain

  2. Designing Customer-Friendly Sites

  3. Building a Site without Large Budget

  4. Searching and Selecting the Right Host

  5. Writing Content that Search Engine Love to See

  6. Take Off!!




Sell at Etsy, Amazon and Ebay
Tutor E : Sell Your Products with Ebay, Amazon and Etsy

Also known as the three titans in the sphere of online shopping platform. Learn on how to leverage the platform to sell your products wordwide and using their own available audience to reach your potential customer. BOOK NOW





  1. Facts and Introduction

  2. Do's and Don'ts

  3. Setting Up an Account

  4. Learn a bit about Tax and Custom 

  5. Payment and Shipping

  6. Return Policy: An Important Assurance for Your Business

  7. How to Deal with Fraud and Dispute

  8. Strategy to Maximize Sales

  9. Level up Your Business Model




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