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How do I use service / asking for work quotes??


You can fill in the Consultation Form untuk menggunakan servis kami. For further inquiries please fill in the details of the questions in our inquiry form at Contact Us You can also refer us via call / WhatsApp at 019 - 4038 355


Is there a guarantee for using MAAM Cart Centrum services?


MAAM Cart Centrum is a registered business under the Companies Commission of Malaysia (IP0407515-U). Your work and rights are guaranteed by through our Terms & Conditions. We also assure you that your resulting work is original, of quality and is protected under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.


Can I get a full refund if I'm not satisfied with the quality of work??


In our service policy, you will be given a FULL REFUND if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, our work later than the date dateline and our work does not meet the scope of work specified in the brief. Complaints must be submitted within seven (7) days after you receive the results of our final work. If your complaint has a merit, we will credit all full payments using maybank2u or check.


How to make a payment?
We accept payment via Paypal (Payment request via email), online banking and payment via counter / deposit machine to Maybank account: MAAM CART CENTRUM, NO. Account: 55815 4509 143 and payment using checks crossed with MAAM CART CENTRUM. For payment using a check, the service only started after the check deposit (50%) fulfilled and the final work is submitted after the check payment of the balance (50%) fulfilled

Can I see your freelancer and how to get in touch with the work given?

The services offered are ONLINE ONLY. However, we will consider meeting with our engineers freelancer for matters involving site visits. Any queries or discussions should be made through our official email that is / or Live Chat on our Website.


My job is very urgent. Can we continue without the required terms and conditions / agreement. 


We're sorry. If there are no terms and conditions agreed between us, we are unable to offer the desired service. The Terms & Conditions / Agreement are important to protect the interests and rights of both parties. Terms & Conditions / Agreement are in the form of softcopy while signed hardcopy agreement document will only be available upon your request.


Apa output hasil kerja akhir nanti? 


Hasil kerja akhir adalah dalam bentuk softcopy. Anda juga akan diberikan 2 set hardcopy (Tidak melebihi 2 helai bagi saiz A1) PERCUMA jika anda melanggan pada / lebih 5 jam bekerja dan pada kadar RM90/jam. Jika anda perlukan lebih set, kami akan majukan sebutharga untuk persetujuan anda.


Ade deposit ke jika nak guna servis? 


Ya. Anda perlu menjelaskan deposit sebanyak 50% daripada jumlah yuran yang dipersetujui untuk menggunakan servis kami dan sebelum kami memulakan kerja.


Freelancer anda boleh datang ke site? 


Hanya freelancer Jurutera sahaja yang boleh pergi ke site jika dipinta. Kos perjalanan atau penginapan (Sekiranya perlu) perlu dibayar berasingan daripada yuran. Manakala khidmat Pembaikan Komputer hanya tertakluk di kawasan Slim River hingga Tanjung Malim Sahaja. Khidmat yang lain adalah secara online sahaja buat masa ini.


Apa beza anda caj guna Man-Hour atau Fixed Price? 


Man-Hour adalah kadar kerja per jam (contoh RM85/jam untuk 10 jam bekerja) dan dikhaskan bagi tugasan yang tidak melangkaui 14 hari. Persetujuan Man-Hour antara anda dan kami diperolehi terlebih dahulu sebelum kerja dapat dimulakan. Fixed Price pula adalah harga pukal bagi tugasan yang melangkaui 14 hari. Harga akhir dimuktamadkan selepas mendapat persetujuan antara MAAM Cart Centrum dan pihak pelanggan.

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