“ In soil mechanics, the accuracy of computed results never exceeds that of a crude estimate, and the principle function of theory consist of teaching us what and how to observe in the field. ”
 – Karl Terzaghi, 1936

Your One Stop Freelancers! Welcome to MAAM Cart Centrum, your One Stop Centre to freelance services.


We offer to your our freelance services in Civil & Structural Engineering Design, 2D & 3D Drawings, Website Design, App Development, Writings, Graphic Design, and Ideas Consultation.


Refer to our Guide or fill in Consultation Form to get our services. Contact us via Online Form or at 019 - 4038-355 (Call/Whatsapp) for more information.

This video template is one of a kind. There are many other versions you can choose to suit your needs and target. You can create your own video for sales pitching, promoting your new products or businesses and much more. 

Indeed, if you are wondering about the cost, it definitely value for your money. Without spending thousands of dollars hiring expert and saving your hard earn money from recurring subscription, the commitment cost is only USD37 or RM150++



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